August 2009

This afternoon, we stumbled through this epic show in about 1 hour 50 minutes  (the show needs to be 90 minutes but we will get there) – kudos and thanks to our phenomenal cast and design staff for tackling this piece so gamely in such a condensed period – we are so grateful for your talent and enthusiasm –

Jenny and I had a great dinner talking about what we found and what we were still missing- i foresee edits and changes to the different storylines

I can’t wait to get back into rehearsal on this in December!  Thanks all!


Leda played by Okwui singing at Joe’s Pub on August 23

Just follow this link to see more photos of Okwui, Todd, Kamala, Drew and Jenny Turner: or browse my photostream.

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Today, I learned a lot about the dynamics of the world and the characters while fighting space that doesn’t feel right.

kinda frustrating and hard at times——- lots of aha’s, some uh oh’s.

long meeting with Jenny after to untangle some character arcs in the Saturday Act —it is much clearer to both of us now.

2 more days to keep breaking this open before we take a break for a couple of weeks.

its really been intense but very eye-opening.

we are all really psyched for Joe’s Pub tomorrow night……

I can’t get enough Grace Jones….Grace Jones clapping

Grace Jones clapping

Grace Jones singing

Grace Jones singing
Grace Jones reclines

Grace Jones reclines

and more Patti Smith
Patti Smith on the fire escape

Patti Smith on the fire escape



and some more ideas

Kate Bush with guitar

Kate Bush with guitar

It’s all about the attitude

Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde

Young Joan Armatrading

Young Nina Simone

After lunch, we tackled the three emotionally challenging and sexually charged scenes between Leda and her husband, Walters  (played by Scott). They both did a lot of brave, funny, risky work.

Tal began to develop some amazing ideas about how to organically go from a realistic lighthouse to emotionally evocative rich visuals — we are beginning to really get it.

We also got to try some new soundscape ideas that Kamala and Matt have been hatching. I really think they are going to work on us in subtle emotionally resonant ways – accumulating gradual weight.

This morning, we reworked all of Leda’s scenes with the Stranger in preparation for Tal to reshoot these scenes sometime in September. We made some great discoveries in coming back to this material after first working on it a year ago. Today, we found new rhythms and uncovered a deeper approach to the material.

We also rehearsed the duet between the Stranger and Leda again with Kamala and Drew for the Joe’s Pub gig – Watching Okwui & Todd sing together, I had a great revelation about how I should restage the song for the actual show using the absence of the Stranger in the actual staging  — I can’t wait to try this.

All of the prep work  and rethinking about the Stranger sparked a discussion between Jenny, Tal and I about how to clarify the role of the Stranger’s different video presences – in the past as a memory and in the present as a haunting – this really got us much clearer and things started clicking in a truly exciting way.

today we were working on Eamon (Rudy) and charlotte  (Irene)- they are both these walled-up people who completely open up to each other  in surprising passionate ways.

we did the photo shoot for Josh’s degradation project – we managed to created six completely different locations in our rehearsal room.

we ended the day drinking wine during a great music rehearsal for the Joe’s Pub gig. Todd and Okwui sound great together – we haven’t heard them sing together in almost a year— Kamala and Drew will play live with them and last night we had a blast playing together.

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