We are so thrilled to be joined by Taylor Mac, Luminescent Orchestrii, and Chris Wells. Here’s what you can expect -other details about the gig in the July 3 post.

ACTIVATION! The legendary TAYLOR MAC unleashes THE LILY’S REVENGE: a self-uprooted lily goes on a quest to combat its oppressors and destroy nostalgia.  For your eyes only, a special preview of his latest piece of stunning theatrical activism – down with cultural homogeneity!  Elaborate costumes, puppets, live music & vaudevillian hijinks soon to take over HERE Arts Center.  Open your petals.

ILLUMINATION! Lush, raw & sexy LUMINESCENT ORCHESTRII sends three shooting stars from its firmament to fuel our show!  RIMA FAND, SARAH ALDEN & SXIP SHIREY will glamour you with their gypsy melodies, punk frenzy, salty tangos & saucy lyrics.  Around the world & into Joe’s Pub.  Let loose.

INVOCATION! Award-winning writer/performer CHRIS WELLS creates original performances & radical live events.  He inspires us all as founder of artist’s sanctuary THE SECRET CITY, bringing community back to New York’s art world.  American Theatre calls him “PROPHETIC.”  Backstage West calls him “MAGICAL.”  Bring your sense of adventure – he’s prepared something special.