Great first day today –

finally hearing our phenomenal cast read the script  (and laughing at the humor  a lot) –

strangely, talking alot about ‘given circumstances’ and their significant impact on these characters

getting a chance to hear Okwui sing the finale song that Kamala’s written for the first time (wow)

great talk with Jenny & Tal at the end of the day about how the video and other design elements work in this world – although the video seems like it will continue to be largely subjective POV, we start to feel there is some video that is not like that.  this opened a debate about whether the whole world of the play is Leda’s or is it everyone else’s (subjective internal world vs more objective reality-based world)-  after talking more about the Stranger’s influence over Leda and how that influence manifests itself – we hatched a new idea which really helped clarify — perhaps the design world of the play in general is more objective, but Leda “infects” the people and world around her – meaning her presence affects their reality –  when she enters, the lights subtly shift, the sound may get tweaked a bit, reality is slightly skewed – this may grow as the play progresses.