This morning, we reworked all of Leda’s scenes with the Stranger in preparation for Tal to reshoot these scenes sometime in September. We made some great discoveries in coming back to this material after first working on it a year ago. Today, we found new rhythms and uncovered a deeper approach to the material.

We also rehearsed the duet between the Stranger and Leda again with Kamala and Drew for the Joe’s Pub gig – Watching Okwui & Todd sing together, I had a great revelation about how I should restage the song for the actual show using the absence of the Stranger in the actual staging  — I can’t wait to try this.

All of the prep work  and rethinking about the Stranger sparked a discussion between Jenny, Tal and I about how to clarify the role of the Stranger’s different video presences – in the past as a memory and in the present as a haunting – this really got us much clearer and things started clicking in a truly exciting way.