I am freshly returned from Greece, where as Scott (who plays Walters) suggested, I did some much-needed beach and sea research for the show!

Actually, I did think a lot about the project over my holiday – looking at and swimming in the ocean – the water represents such a significant force in Leda’s life and is so formative to her emotional well-being in the play.

I am really struggling with the balance between naturalism and stylization in the show and trying to puzzle my way through the fusion of the many disparate elements – music, video, movement, but with text very much in the driver’s seat– to create a cohesive visceral work.  The texture of the project feels different from a lot of my other projects but I am eager to find my way into it.

Dramaturgy and Rewrites

Jenny and I got to do a short post-mortem over dinner right after the August workshop, but are looking forward to further conversations with each other and the design staff about how to strengthen the project.

Shooting coming up on Jones Beach and Lower East Side

Tal, Jenny and I will meet in the next couple of weeks to further conceptualize the video and plan our upcoming shoot with Okwui and Todd at the end of this month. We plan to create some new footage showing the everyday past life of Leda and the Stranger as well as reshoots of a bunch of beach and water stuff.

Other design developments

We plan to interview and hire the lighting and costume designers over the next couple of weeks and have a design meeting at the end of the month. I can’t wait to see the next iteration of the set that David is working on.