Its been ages since we have posted anything but there are lots of exciting developments.

Upcoming Work-in-Progress Showing

We are going into rehearsal next week to look at the first song swim and the Stranger’s return with Okwui (Leda), Tal (video) and Jane Shaw (our new sound designer).  We will show what we develop on Thursday December 17 at 7pm  at HERE – its free and there will be free wine!

Production Staff

We are thrilled to have some fantastic new collaborators on the project – Nick Vaughan on sets, Rie Ono on lights, Liz Bourgeois on costumes, Jane Shaw on sound, Emily Rea as stage manager, Jennifer Kraus as assistant director.

Script Development

Jenny is working on rewrites. She and I continue to meet frequently for dramaturgical sessions to refine and reshape the script. We’re getting really excited about how things are coming along.