February 2010


Gearing up for some new stage energy...


Well, today was understudy day. George went on in lieu of Mr. Pemberton.  It was really interesting to have a new energy on stage. The cast was really on their toes, and George did such a fantastic job- hitting all our technical beats, going with our flow… Yay George!

 After the show we had a really wonderful panel discussion about the use of media elements in live performance.   Everyone agreed about altering expectations of audiences based on ratios, surfaces and the integration of content. Everyone agreed that SOUNDING was a great example of all these things!    🙂



Pemberton- The disgruntled Superstar himself


The cast came in early today- 3:30- for an emergency understudy rehearsal.  Mr. Michael Permberton, our very own Walters, is a big tv star in his spare time, and when that happens, we are go to the back burner!  So yesterday, with the impending possibility of him being a star for the rest of the evening, we had George (yay George!) in for understudy rehearsal.

Kristin did an amazing job of condensing 6 weeks of our rehearsals into 3 short hours.  We practiced all the important details- finger fucking versus real fucking, head flips for alcohol, how to respond to rain and thunder, the amount of breaths in the Leda composing sequences- everyone was really on their toes. Right as we finished our run, Mr. Pemberton showed up!  

No understudy after all! We love ya George!


Wanted: Demands attention and focus unexpectedly

The beauty of live performance are the variables and possibilities that come with trying to repeat an entire whole, nightly.  Wednesday night, we came back after a much needed three days off.  We had a wonderful brush up speed through in the early evening, and our set just didn’t feel like it was getting enough attention.  Halfway through the show, Mr. Fishtank (pictured above), decided that it too should have a more prominent voice in the performance (kudos for vocal energy) and it began to make moaning noises- some might say farting- but you get the picture.  Luckily, Stephen was kind enough to unplug Mr. Fishtank, and kill him for the night.

Sorry Mr. Fishtank.  We already have one Strange man in SOUNDING….. and he’s sexier than you.

We have completed the first week of the run!

Saturday night was SOLD OUT- with standing room only!

We’ve already consumed 7 chocolate cakes & polished off 10 bottles of scotch…

Come and join us for another week of SOUNDING at HERE, continuing through March 13th!


photo courtesy of Carl Skutsch.

Join us tonight for preview #3 or


Saturday, February 20th

photo: Nick Vaughan

photo: Nick Vaughan


Do you want to know what cake sex looks like?

Want to know all about Stranger penetration?

Have you ever had an addiction you just couldn’t shake?

Well we know about all these things at SOUNDING– and you can too!

Join us the rest of this week for two more previews and our opening on Saturday!


Here’s a sneak peek:


Shoot me

Bound I lie

The Stranger

Degradation Project


Photos courtesy of Carl Skutsch.

Hey all,

Visit this link for SOUNDING tickets:  https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/703235

Or buy them at the box office of HERE Arts Center at 145 6th Ave (entrance on Dominick Street).

Can’t wait to see you there!


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