Hilda's Family Tree

We have been exploring the journey of each character in between scenes in rehearsal. Hilda has found a relationship to chalk drawing and tracing in the piece, and has incorporated an emotional arc with it into various moments in the play. Read about this in her own words below:

I’m a kind of truth spy. I am construct a world based on present observation in order to understand and survive past experiences. I trace the contour of things that are real and unspoken: pills & bottles- the symbols of everyone’s coping.  Hilda takes care of Hilda and checks her own abilities by pushing others. Her strength is reflected by her power to highlight the strength in others.

 I don’t want to erase what I trace or draw. I don’t want to hide. I have chalk dust on me in scenes, unapologetically. Other characters can choose to acknowledge it, even still- it’s there, on me. It is me. ” – Hilda (Ana Kayne)