Pemberton- The disgruntled Superstar himself


The cast came in early today- 3:30- for an emergency understudy rehearsal.  Mr. Michael Permberton, our very own Walters, is a big tv star in his spare time, and when that happens, we are go to the back burner!  So yesterday, with the impending possibility of him being a star for the rest of the evening, we had George (yay George!) in for understudy rehearsal.

Kristin did an amazing job of condensing 6 weeks of our rehearsals into 3 short hours.  We practiced all the important details- finger fucking versus real fucking, head flips for alcohol, how to respond to rain and thunder, the amount of breaths in the Leda composing sequences- everyone was really on their toes. Right as we finished our run, Mr. Pemberton showed up!  

No understudy after all! We love ya George!