The Many Faces of Irene Longshore.

We asked Irene:  What position in the show is really uncomfortable to hold, and

are there any specific memories that stand out for you in any evening FOLLOWING a performance of SOUNDING?


1) I’d say, every position is uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time and i love it all! Well there is the lighthouse curtain, it’s so much fun, but every night i pray that i don’t get chocolate on it after eating cake(i have never licked my fingers that clean any other time in my life) and that I grab it in time when hilda runs with it, took me a while to get that!

2)  Opening night which turned into my birthday at midnight-lots of whisky that night, in honor of the show of course and i do have a juicy story from that evening…alas I don’t believe I should share! 

Ok Irene. Wink wink.