December workshop

Tal, Jenny, Okwui and I (and Tal’s 5 3/4 year old son, Ivo) drove to Pennsylvania Friday night to finish shooting – We shot Okwui in a wonderful heated swimming pool and Okwui with the beautiful baby of the house, Othello.

We got fantastic footage and are so so grateful to Jody, Joe and Penny for letting us shoot in their beautiful country home.

Driving back Saturday afternoon was a little touch and go but we made it before the perfect storm really bombarded us.


So we just completed a 4 day workshop of Leda’s first song/swim and the Stranger’s return. It was wonderful to finally have the whole design team – Tal, Jane, Rie, Liz and Nick – all working together in the room with Okwui. We were joined by Emily Rea, our awesome new SM, Jane her ASM and my AD Jen Kraus.  Lots of smart folks!

The big discovery was that we finally found the visual and auditory language for the representation of the Stranger —played on video by Todd D’amour — how to represent him in the past memories and present infiltrations.

It was also really exciting to hear from other HERE resident artists and audiences what they saw and experienced from the showing.

I can’t wait to start full rehearsals on January 4.

Check out some pics below.