We thought that it would be fun to share our ugliest photos with you all, since there have been so many great photos taken in  the past few weeks during SOUNDING- Call it a line up, call it silly, or just plain ugly, here we are!

Ms. Gibbs!

Not so secret... Irene and Rudy

Deer in the headlights- Stephen!

The fearless leader- New Haircut face.

This woman isn't so into it. She's like, a famous actress or something...

Ana: Shocked and shot from above

Taili: There ya go. Tongue and all!


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Saturday, February 20th

photo: Nick Vaughan

photo: Nick Vaughan


Do you want to know what cake sex looks like?

Want to know all about Stranger penetration?

Have you ever had an addiction you just couldn’t shake?

Well we know about all these things at SOUNDING– and you can too!

Join us the rest of this week for two more previews and our opening on Saturday!


Here’s a sneak peek:


Shoot me

Bound I lie

The Stranger

Degradation Project


Photos courtesy of Carl Skutsch.


Eamon seduces Charlotte

At the beach


Hilda comforts Walters

More photos coming your way! Check in with us daily as we report to you directly from the rehearsal room!  

Performance countdown…


Hilda's Family Tree

We have been exploring the journey of each character in between scenes in rehearsal. Hilda has found a relationship to chalk drawing and tracing in the piece, and has incorporated an emotional arc with it into various moments in the play. Read about this in her own words below:

I’m a kind of truth spy. I am construct a world based on present observation in order to understand and survive past experiences. I trace the contour of things that are real and unspoken: pills & bottles- the symbols of everyone’s coping.  Hilda takes care of Hilda and checks her own abilities by pushing others. Her strength is reflected by her power to highlight the strength in others.

 I don’t want to erase what I trace or draw. I don’t want to hide. I have chalk dust on me in scenes, unapologetically. Other characters can choose to acknowledge it, even still- it’s there, on me. It is me. ” – Hilda (Ana Kayne)

Jenny Gibbs calls SOUNDING an homage to Henrik Ibsen’s LADY FROM THE SEA.  The article linked below is from The Guardian published yesterday on one actor’s journey to find Ibsen.

And read the full text of LADY FROM THE SEA at Project Gutenberg here:

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