Elizabeth Bourgeois




The Many Faces of Michael Pemberton

1. What is the most uncomfortable position you find yourself in during the performance?

 Psychologically uncomfortable while sleeping on the porch, knowing Im about to get squirted (if the hose works) and trying not to flinch.

2.  What has been your most memorable evening FOLLOWING a SOUNDING performance?

 After our first preview. We were jubilant at having our first audience and the celebration went on pretty long
into the wee little hours. Thankfully Walters is in an inebriatory/hungover state throughout the show but I think we added a couple minutes on the show that night. Thick tougues, thick heads, being how they are. Lady O. Was the exception, wise as she is.

Yup. Miss O is smarter than us all…


The Many Faces of Irene Longshore.

We asked Irene:  What position in the show is really uncomfortable to hold, and

are there any specific memories that stand out for you in any evening FOLLOWING a performance of SOUNDING?


1) I’d say, every position is uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time and i love it all! Well there is the lighthouse curtain, it’s so much fun, but every night i pray that i don’t get chocolate on it after eating cake(i have never licked my fingers that clean any other time in my life) and that I grab it in time when hilda runs with it, took me a while to get that!

2)  Opening night which turned into my birthday at midnight-lots of whisky that night, in honor of the show of course and i do have a juicy story from that evening…alas I don’t believe I should share! 

Ok Irene. Wink wink.



Sometimes everyone appears like this in the morning after hanging out...

Even the baby needs some recognition- even if it's the ghost version. Ghosts need love too.

Kamala and Emily- all smiles all the time!

Sisters on stage and off! Irene- nice hat...


The Text. It felt left out.


Gearing up for some new stage energy...


Well, today was understudy day. George went on in lieu of Mr. Pemberton.  It was really interesting to have a new energy on stage. The cast was really on their toes, and George did such a fantastic job- hitting all our technical beats, going with our flow… Yay George!

 After the show we had a really wonderful panel discussion about the use of media elements in live performance.   Everyone agreed about altering expectations of audiences based on ratios, surfaces and the integration of content. Everyone agreed that SOUNDING was a great example of all these things!    🙂

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